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Powder Coating

FX Powder Coating proudly serves Hurricane Valley and surrounding southern Utah with any powder coating project. We coat to the standards of the Powder Coat Institute, with quality and customer satisfaction as our #1 goal.

FX utilizes two different methods to pretreat parts based on customer preference. For the most corrosion-resistant coating available, we recommend all parts be media blasted. If media blasting is not required prior to coating, we utilize a 5-stage chemical pretreatment process.

We have a large variety of stock colors available and can order any custom color. Our natural gas oven is 8’ x 8’ x 20’ and is energy efficient. We coat a wide range of articles from grocery store shelving, to high-end wheels that are featured in car shows and magazines.
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Metal Products & Prototyping

Have an idea for a new metal product? We would love to produce it for you!

Our prototyping service offers inventors and entrepreneurs a chance to see their vision come to life. We can draw your invention in 3D CAD, then once approved, manufacture a working prototype complete with powder-coated finish.
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Custom Signs

Have a sign in mind? We would love to make it for you!

We match the perfect sign to your business. We have signs for every budget with different types of materials for different applications. From a flat printed sign to a 3-dimensional steel sign to a channel-letter halo-lit sign, we can do it all.
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FX Industries serves the Southern Utah & surrounding areas Including: St. George, Ivins, Santa Clara, Washington, Hurricane & Cedar City. 

We pride ourselves on maintaining the highest standards in quality, production, and customer satisfaction.

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From PVC To Steel:

How We Helped An Inventor Take His Idea From Concept To Market 
Units Sold In First 18 Months
Stacy Stubbs, Inventor of the Sticker Burr Roller, brought us his makeshift PVC prototype in the spring of 2021. By the end of that year, he was already well over $500,000 in total sales. 

Through our prototyping program, we were not only able to develop the Sticker Burr Roller, but also an industrial version of it that is being used for agricultural use.

We continue to manufacture both of these products on a weekly basis.
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